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  • VV 365 Community

    Discover your healing alongside others who are working to take back their health and heal their bodies on their own. Join us for the tools, knowledge and support you need to feel your best in our newly launched Telegram Channel.

  • Personalized Support

    Work with Vitality Vibes 365 Founder, Nicole Liammari 1:1 to uncover the root cause of your symptoms, find healing, and unlock your body’s optimal health potential. With her guidance, you’ll be on your way to healing in no time.

  • ReNew You

    Optimize your gut and digestion, manage stress and mindset, educate yourself on your Chakras and more with this Signature Program

  • Ultimate Habit Guidebook

    Implement daily habits that will enhance your vitality and help you thrive with our 6 in 1 journal. Designed with our signature Proprietary Protocol, this daily guidebook will help you implement the most important and transformative habits.

  • Gut Love

    Kefir formulated in a powdered smoothie base that will help harmonize gut bacteria and digestion by repopulating the good bacteria.


Nicole Liammari was just your average fun-loving gal who worked in law and wealth management until multiple chronic illness diagnoses wreaked havoc on her physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. After hitting dead-end after dead-end with doctors and specialists, she took her health into her own hands and began the process of healing.

Nicole turned her pain into purpose and compiled all that she learned from her own healing journey into founding her business, Vitality Vibes 365 ( My Gut Hut, LLC) where she helps pave the way for people to heal themselves naturally.

Today she lives in Florida with the love of her life, Ruben, and their two younger boys out of their four children. 

Nicole is an international best-selling author, a frequent podcast guest, recognized leader, and recipient of the Brainz 500 Global Award as one of the top 500 Influential Leaders and the Brainz CREA Award.

  • Kristi says:

    "To have someone help me dive into my day to day and advise how to move forward has been amazing. I was leary of spending more money, but I can honestly say that the value of this Program to me is priceless. I feel brand new in so many ways! "

  • Mandy says:

    “The program truly surpassed my expectations. I saw results almost immediately with bloating, discomfort, and anxiousness I had not been able to calm. My skin and overall look has improved, but my spirit being awoken has been the best benefit by far. Nicole offers instant connection by meeting you where you're at and I would recommend the program to anyone!”

  • Sylvia says:

    “I definitely have noticed a difference in my body and my digestion working with Nicole in this program! To list: Less bloating, more energy, feel better, no anxiety, no cloudiness, lighter on my feet, bowel movements are more consistent, no stomach pains or discomfort.”

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